Western Front New Music & Barking Sphinx Performance Society present


Andreas Kahre, Ron Samworth with Talking Pictures re-invent Stravinsky's classic tale L'Histoire du Soldat for Musique Actuelle Ensemble & Paper Theatre.

Set within the wonderful and wobbly world of paper theatre, the tale begins $ who accidentally sells his soul to the devil one afternoon and soon finds there is more to the bargain than meets the eye... Improvising on Stravinsky's score, Musical Director Ron Samworth is joined by Peggy Lee, Dylan van der Schyff and Bill Clark.

Performers Adrienne Wong as puppeteer, David Garfinkle as the devil, Hiro Kanagawa,as the soldier, and Lesley Ewan as the narrator emerge as voices with images installed in a contraption of Andreas Kahre's design that surrounds the audience.


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coming sunday, march 4th, 8 pm

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