Broadcasting from the Western Front Society in Vancouver

Transducers, Contact Mics and Micro-Audio

September 3, 2004 from 10:30 am to 9:00 pm Pacific Standard Time

Absolute Value of Noise, Cecilia Greyson, Michael North, Jean Routhier, Ken Roux and guests will be working with transducers, contact mics and other forms of micro-audio to broadcast sounds at the threshold of hearing. The sounds will be derived from spaces and objects at the Western Front, various electro-mechanical devices constructed by the artists, and feedback loops resulting from extreme amplification.

Live 48k Stereo MP3 Stream at

In collaboartion with Kunstradio in Vienna and many radio-artists around the world, and the Western Front will particpate in this year's Long Night of Radio Art. This net-jam and broadcast is part of RE-INVENTING RADIO - a production of Kunstradio during the Ars Electronica Festival in Linz, Austria.

Vancouver Schedule:
10:30 amJean Routhier and Cecilia Greyson Vancouver Spatial Locator (sound walk) with Cecilia reading "Several Verses (Voices) Missing"
MP3 Excerpt
11:10 amKen Roux The New Suitcase (a patchbay for acoustical feedback)
MP3 Excerpt
11:35 amJean Routhier Inhabitation I and II (Ambient sounds from insects)
MP3 Excerpt
12:15 pmMichael NorthRural MP3 Excerpt
01:00 pmAbsolute Value of Noise Groove Edits (vinyl record grooves cut onto CD disks)
MP3 Excerpt
01:30 pmJean Routhier Une Suite de Temps-mort: iona
MP3 Excerpt
01:50 pmJean Routhier Hammer and Strings (Live construction of a string based instrument)
MP3 Excerpt
02:30 pmKen Roux mixes in with Jean Routhier and Cecilia Greyson Punk Drum (bass drum, contact mic and tube amp) + Hammer and Strings + Voice
MP3 Excerpt One
MP3 Excerpt Two
03:20 pmMichael NorthUrban MP3 Excerpt
04:20 pmJean Routhier Une Suite de Temps-mort: Nelson R.Y_B
MP3 Excerpt
04:45 pmAbsolute Value of Noise Light Bulb (generative mix of micro-audio recordings of light bulbs)
MP3 Excerpt

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