The Inneretina Recital                      Live mp3 Audio Stream at

presented by SOUNDSCAPES infrequency collective (a weekly program on Coop radio in Vancouver)

performed live in the Grande Luxe at The Western Front (an artist run centre established in 1973)

streamed on-line by a a e o l . c a

in celebration of the 1,000,043rd Art's Birthday

Two Concerts in the Grande Luxe
Western Front, 303 East, 8th Ave, Vancouver - 604-876-9343
Teusday, January 17 - 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm PST - live audio stream for rebroadcast on satellite by the EBU (European Broadcast Union).
Teusday, January 17 - 8:30 pm - admission $5 in support of Coops Radio's Soundscapes program.

Luis Barrie, Brad, Josh Brendon, Coingutter, company M, Bobbi Kozinuk, Josh Rose, Jean Routhier, Sinoia Caves, Joshua Stevenson, and Absolute Value of Noise

The Inneretina Recital will take place in complete obscurity. Audience members will be seated in the dark to experience sound based performances in a state of total visual sensory deprivation.

Organized by Jean Routhier